Bosny Premium Quality 100% Acrylic Spray Paint is a premium quality professional spray paint formulated from 100%pure acrylic and also contains epoxy resin. It is a highly durable, fast drying, high gloss and weather resistant acrylic spray paint. Due to the premium quality and 100% pure acrylic contained within Bosny spray paints, the product does not crack, fade or discolour. One of the main ingredients of Bosny Premium Quality 100% Acrylic Spray Paint that differentiates it from most other spray paints, is the epoxy resin which gives a 100% adhesion to any kind of surface. This quality can greatly reduce the necessity and expense of using additional primer spray paints. Every Bosny Premium Quality 100% Acrylic Spray Paint can is carefully sealed in a transparent film to avoid the item being previously used, which gives our customers the peace of mind in knowing the product is brand new. Bosny Spray Paint has many uses and can be applied to the following materials: <ul> <li>Metal</li> <li>Plastics</li> <li>Fabric</li> <li>Glass</li> <li>Ceramics</li> <li>Clay</li> <li>Stone</li> <li>Cars</li> <li>Motorcycles</li> <li>Household Appliances</li> <li>Furniture</li> <li>Picture Frames</li> <li>Decorations</li> <li>Handicrafts</li> <li>Toys</li> <li>Works of Art</li> </ul> Bosny Premium Quality 100% Acrylic Spray Paint is also suitable for both interior and exterior use. Bosny Premium Quality 100% Acrylic Spray Paint is available in 77 colours, including metallic colours, primers,varnishes, lacquers, golden colours, glitters, hi-heat, hi-temperature, hammer effect and alloy paints. Check our store for a full product listing.<br> Bosny Premium Quality 100% Acrylic Spray Paint does not contain lead or mercury.<br> <h3>Application:</h3> <ul> <li>Thoroughly shake the can for 5 minutes.</li> <li>It is advisable to test the product on a separate piece of material first, or in place that is the least conspicuous.</li> <li>The paint must be applied to a clean, dry surface free from any grease.</li> <li>All paint applications must be carried out at a temperature not lower than 20℃.</li> <li>Apply the product to the surface in thin layers at a distance of 25-30 cm. The second coat can be applied after 2-3 minutes.</li> <li>Drying time is only 5 minutes and can be used after 30–40 minutes.</li> <li>After working with the aerosol container, and in order to be able to use it again without any problems, it is necessary to clean the spray-head. Hold the Bosny spray paint can upside down and then push the head on to a surface until only clean air is coming out of the spray head.</li> </ul>
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